Academy for Women Entrepreneurs

Academy for Women Entrepreneurs

The Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) is on a mission to empower women entrepreneurs to create and lead successful businesses with ease, certainty and enjoyment. This is even more important within today’s challenging environment.

Arthem Consultancy is an implementing partner in Suriname and brought this amazing project to the District of Commewijne.

The AWE-project in Commewijne started on the 4th of May. 

Before the official start we had an information day in Commewijne where we informed the women about the purpose of the program and the benefits. The physical attendance was due to the COVID-19 pandemic not as we had hoped but we took precaution and streamed this session online through Zoom and Facebook live. This helped us to get the information out.

Check out a view of the updates up until now

A successfull AWE project

We are proud to congratulate these great female entrepreneurs with obtaining their certificate for successfully completing the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs project.


We wish you every success and we look forward to growing your business!

Many thanks to the DC van Commewijne, mr. Mohamedsafiek Radjab, and Hakiem Lalmahomed of Women Deliver for their cooperation. Also Leanda Zeldenrust (Leduc Consultancy & Trainingen) for the confidence to carry out this project and our guest Melissa Van Els from M E L S Cosmetics Suriname.

We will continue the AWE project in other districts! Stay tuned!

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