Beginners Course

Beginners Course

The Beginners Course helps you bring your business ideas into scope. The basics components will give you clarity from having an idea to starting. Or from bringing structure in the business you already run.

The Beginners Course consists of:

Business Model Canvas

With the Business Model (BMC) you map out all business aspects. On the basis of nine building blocks you describe your company, earnings model, customers, relations and suppliers.

This gives you a good overview of the important business units and you see where you need to adjust or change.

They are the basic components for a start-up, but also the further expansion of any business model, regardless of the industry you are in.

You can also add this model to your business plan to clearly visualize what your business plans are. Handy if you are writing a business plan.

Market research

Market research is one of the fundamental components of a company. It is of strategic importance, also because it is information that cannot be viewed by competitors. By doing market research, you have the basis to make strategic marketing decisions.

Determining your target group and the different contact methods to the customer are some building blocks to focus as specifically as possible on who you want to reach with your product or service. This is followed by an explanation of the information you provided during your research.

Market research gives you the information you need to start your business!

Cost Price Calculation

With a cost price calculation you make a prediction of the costs you will make while manufacturing your products or services. To ensure that you as an entrepreneur, at a time where the prices constantly change, you still run on profits. To ensure this your cost price will have to be calculated properly.

Basic Computer Skills

Basic Computer skills provides the technical tools to write down your business idea. To draw up a good report and ultimately put together a good pitch.

Mental health & Business

Running your own business can be hugely rewarding, but for many small business owners having sole responsibility for the company’s success or failure can take its toll.

While it can be tempting to focus all of your time and attention on your business, it’s also essential that you take care of yourself. As an employing small business owner, or sole trader, you can face a range of unique challenges that can affect your mental health and the mental health of your staff.

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