Entrepreneurship World Cup

Entrepreneurship World Cup

The Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC) started out as an idea and now supports 175,000 entrepreneurs in 200 countries. This is made possible by three co-host organizations:
– Misk Global Forum
– Global Entrepreneurship Network
– TGELF: The Global Education & Leadership Foundation.    

EWC is more than just a competition, it’s an entire experience including training, resources, connections and mentorship.

Arthem Consultancy has been selected by COESL and Global Entrepreneurship Network Caribbean as the national host of EWC’s pitch competition 2021 for Suriname. This is Suriname’s second time participating in this global competition, which offers us a unique opportunity to showcase the country’s best innovative entrepreneurs.

We’ve partnered with ActNow Foundation and YLAI to carry out the project and got sponsored by amazing companies.

We have had a total registration of 120 local Surinamese Entrepreneurs!

From this group we have selected 12 finalists who will compete in the Local Competition. The winner of this Competition will represent Suriname in the Caribbean.

They group will receive training from a few of our strategic partners:

– Ruiz Kartoredjo (Jamur Institute of education and advice): Business Pitch Skills
– Fauzia Mahomed Radja (FM Consultancy): Business Development
– Ifrish Alberg: Finance for Business
The Entrepreneurship World Cup was a SUCCESS! The winner of the National Competition of the Entrepreneurship World Cup: Jethro Wirht

1st runner-up: Vanessa Mahangi-Souda
2nd runner-up: Gwamu Mwakipesile 
People’s Choice: Erico Menig

To all our participants, we are VERY proud of you all!

Our experts of judges:

– Dhr. Anvit Ramlakhan: CEO Datasur
– Dhr. Magubane Poetisie: Wnd. Directeur Ministerie van Economische Zaken, Technologische Innovatie en Ondernemerschap; afdeling Ondernemerschap
– Mw. Lilian Wiebers: Business Development Consultant
– Dhr. David Power: CEO Ambitious Talents

To our sponsors, we are very grateful for the support to put this event together.
To our viewers, thank you for tuning in!

Here’s to guiding you to a successful future,
Team Arthem

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