Our Services

Our Services

Do you want to know how to manage your business strategically and put this into a business model? Do you want to learn how to brand your business and market this strategically?
Or do you have these answers but want to put into a business plan?
Arthem Consultancy will be your guide to reach the successes you desire.

The various training we provide are very practical and give you inside on how to manage your business strategically.

Our course Ondernemers Cirkel consists of: 

Beginners Course

The Beginners Course helps you bring your business ideas into scope. The basics components will give you clarity from having an idea to starting. Or from bringing structure in the business you already run.

Advanced Course

Advance Course will give you insight in the Internal and External Environment of your business. With these various training you can go from beginner to pro!

Training for Small en Medium Sized Enterprises
Business Model Canvas
Financial Administration
Customer Strategy and Marketing
Business Ethics
Results-based Management

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